Meet Our Incredible Team

Ella Magers, MSW

Ella Magers, MSW

Founder and CEO, Sexy Fit Vegan®

With 25 years as an ethical vegan under her belt, Sexy Fit Vegan® founder Ella Magers, MSW strives to empower people to build a plant-strong body, heart, and mind for LIFE.

Ella has been a transformational coach for over 15 years. She is featured in the media as an expert on veganism, wellness, and fitness (click on her image above to listen to one of her latest appearances). Ella is a published author and speaker who has conducted workshops across the globe. She earned her Master’s Degree in Social Work and Eating Disorder Recovery Coach certification to further her coaching skills.

Ella set out to bring veganism into the mainstream at a young age. Along the way, she has been named among Shape Magazine’s 50 Hottest Trainers in America. She took first place in the bikini division at the FAME Fitness World Championships, and was named Trainer of the Month on

After healing from her own struggles with disordered eating and a distorted body image, Ella developed the Plant-Empowered Coaching Program to help people align their actions with their values, develop a healthy relationship with food and their bodies, and create a joyful and meaningful life. Ella offers a free online Master Class to teach people how to start making the powerful mindset shifts necessary to transition to a healthy vegan lifestyle they love.

Stephanie Aguilar, M.S.

Stephanie Aguilar, M.S.

Certified Master Health and Wellness Coach

Earning her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology in 2003, Stephanie is a certified Master Health and Wellness Coach who is passionate about helping others reach their potential and live their best lives.

Stephanie has served as an addiction counselor for 15 years, helping incarcerated individuals reintegrate with their families and communities through the new light of sobriety. She has also served the law enforcement community as a crisis negotiator and trainer, working with local and federal law enforcement.

Having struggled with an eating disorder for years, Stephanie knows the pain and isolation of body hatred and patterns of destructive behaviors. Stephanie found ultimate freedom from self-doubt and the anxiety of counting calories after adopting a vegan lifestyle and completing Ella’s coaching program. Now, not only an eating disorder survivor but also a plant-empowered thriver, Stephanie is committed to helping others write their new stories of empowerment and freedom through coaching.

Stephanie loves to travel, write, and feel like a badass after kickboxing workouts. She makes her home in Kansas City, and can most often be found at her children’s sporting events.

Tammy Greene

Tammy Greene

Certified Life Coach, Speaker, & Author

Tammy has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development, and is a certified REBT Life Coach. She is passionate about helping women create happy and healthy lives by prioritizing themselves and strengthening their families and relationships.

Tammy is the founder of the blog, creator of The Ultimate Marriage Journal, and host of The Married And Naked Podcast. Tammy helps others by sharing the lessons she has learned in her own marriage of 22 years. Her experiences and teachings have inspired thousands of couples to take steps to improve their marriage and their lives.

Tammy is a graduate of the Plant Empowered Coaching Program where she found freedom from her damaging inner dialogue, negative body image, and disordered eating patterns. She is eager to help women find their own freedom through living a plant powered life, rewriting their narrative, and embracing their power.

Tammy loves traveling to tropical places, discovering good books, basking in the California sunshine and hitting the pavement for invigorating runs.

Sara Sever

Sara Sever

Accountability Coach

After years of feeling tired, achy, and generally no good, Sara took steps to regain her health and her life. A graduate of the Vegan Life Coach Academy, Sara is now working as an accountability coach for the program that helped turn her life around. She is a certified life coach and a seasoned nurse with years of experience as a health educator.

Sara loves to cook vegan food and wants the world to know that healthy food can also be delicious. She is a nature enthusiast and loves to hike. She lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband and daughter.

Marie Doré

Marie Doré

Executive Assistant

Helping others has always been Marie’s fuel in life. She obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Psychoeducation at the age of 22 but was struggling to find her place in the systems in place. After traveling for a few years, Marie moved to Germany where she encountered the same problems: she wanted to help, but the traditions and systems in place went against everything she believed in.
She decided to quit everything and take the second-biggest leap of her life by becoming a virtual assistant.

It’s her love for the animals, her vegan values, and her passion for fitness and health that led Marie to join the Sexy Fit Vegan team. Right away, she felt like she was finally contributing with her own skills to something she truly, wholeheartedly believed in. She can now proudly say that she is completely aligned, both privately and professionally, with her core values.

Marie is a list enthusiast, organization freak, and team player. She loves writing, reading, learning, cooking, and traveling. She lives “on the road”, spending most of her time between Germany and Canada with her partner.

Helping people align their lifestyle with their values, create an empowered mindset, and build a relationship with food they never need to cheat on is what lights our souls on fire!

Ella Magers and the Sexy Fit Vegan® Team